"Health is most often appreciated in its absence"


"Man attains truth though strength, weakness leads to lowliness and corruption"


"As far as the Way goes, without cultivating the self , there is no source from which to obtain it."


12 Rivers - Stillness
12 Rivers - Movement
12 Rivers - Mindfulness
I am a Naturopathic Physician who has avidly pursued conscious movement for 20 plus years. I feel I have some competency in the art. Derek is a thousand times more accomplished than I am. I delight in watching him move. I have watched him push hands with several serious students of martial arts and they are helpless. I am spellbound listening to him explain the philosophy and principles of his art. Derek is masterful. If you sincerely want to transform your life through movement, I know of no better.
— Dr. Charly Cropley -