Coaching in person & online

  • There is no better way to learn the arts than direct transmission, If you are serious about your practice and progress, private lessons are the way to go.

  • If you are an advanced practitioner, private sessions can help to deepen your skills and understanding in the shortest possible time.

  • If you are new to training, it will assure that you get the best possible foundation and understanding of how to proceed as you embark on this lifelong pursuit of health and harmony.

  • The information that can be provided in relation to the individuals specific needs and interests in a private setting is profound, each session is truly transformational.



Whether you’re an experience martial artist looking for more clarity on the internal practices  or a beginner setting out on the journey, Skype sessions with Derek can take you to the next level. 


  • Martial arts

  • Healing

  • Movement

  • Non-Dual Inquiry

Training and lessons are available in the traditional arts as well as any of the  following subjects:

  • Body Mapping

  • Healing the lower back

  • Building a seat of power

  • Understanding the 3 sections & 5 bows

  • Tendon development

  • Life force cultivation

  • Understanding the 8 energies

  • Self healing mudra

  • Meridian meditations

  • Awakened Inbodymeant - somatic meditations


Derek’s focus is on teaching you how to Train what to train and why to train it. He is skillful at communicating complicated ideas and principles and making them into simple easy to a embody lessons. A true believer in teaching a man how to fish the insights gained from a session with Derek are transformational and lasting. His focus is on awakening the learner within and empowering each individual to “drink clear liquid from the dregs of the ancients.” 

Derek Notman’s online training classes have rejuvenated and deepened my decades long practice of the Chinese Internal and Healing Arts ... Derek has deeply changed my understanding and thinking about the internal practices of the Far East. He has directed me toward the meaningful and enabled me to see the key foundational concepts embodied within the arts. I highly recommend Derek to anyone wishing to understand the heart of the Classical Chinese Internal methods.
— David Cotter

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