Learning to soften the body is an essential skill. Softness is the neutral state of being, it is ripe with potential and energy. Simply stated, it is the activity of tension that hardens the body and contracts the muscles, readying us for action. This is useful when we are in activity(as long as the tension used is relative to the demands of the activity), however, when we are done with the activity, we must let go of our effort and return to a passive, soft state.

Unfortunately, over time we start to forget the letting go, the tensions and pressures of life seem to get absorbed and the ability to “let it go” becomes compromised. We become more rigid and fixated in our bodies and attitudes.

Softening the body promotes movement and flexibility at all levels increasing circulation and intercellular communication making the body whole and vibrant. We transform our experience by learning to feel our body more clearly, we become more coherent, present and whole.