Numerical Principles for Health and Wholeness.

Numerical Principles for Health and Wholeness.

All form is a function of number and principle expressed through geometry. In learning to uncover and embody these principles in our own body, we align ourselves with the universe through harmonization.

  1. Unite, Prime mover – The first principle is to unify the body. To unite heaven and earth through man by standing in balance. We learn to bridge the lumbar thoracic junction, stretching the spine and releasing the back.

  2. Separate, Wisdom – The second principle is to recognize the paired opposites within the body, to separate yin from yang, the upper from the lower, the left from the right, open from close etc, learning to define the poles.

  3. Integrate, Relationship – Harmonizing polarity and recognizing the trinity principle throughout the the body, finding center and balancing the centers of the centers.

These three numbers and there principles represent the first three skills for Tai Chi, as well as the first three safety energy locks (SEL) in the healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. As well as being a directive to follow, they are a body intelligence, living within us at specific locations. Working directly with these safety energy locks gives us an opportunity to directly help lead and guide the energy within our own bodies so we may influence our state of harmony and balance.

SEL 1. Prime mover, this safety energy lock helps us to bring the energy down the front of the body. The descent of light into matter. It helps all qi to descend, promoting breath and overall body unity. It is located at the inside of the knee and can be held to help to harmonize the body.

SEL 2. Wisdom, growth, the energy of expansion that ascends the back of the body. Matter returning to spirit. It is located at the small of the back above the pelvis. It is energizing and strengthening, and can be held to help bring life force energy and vitality to the system.

SEL 3. Relationship, immunity integrating the pairs. The spiral of life. It is located at the upper corner of the shoulder scapula toward the spine. It promotes breath, immune system function and helps to balance and integrate left and right, male and female, inside and outside.

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