Why train tai chi and push hands

It is a big endeavor to pursue an art with such depth and standards of principle. We are immediately asked to suspend what it is we think we know.  This in itself is a difficult and uncomfortable position to be put in; and it is just the first of many such positions.

To train Tai Chi, we must look at ourselves though new eyes and be willing to entertain counter-intuitive processes for development.  The beauty is that we are set free of the limitations in our thinking and what it is we think we know. We open up space for fresh experiences and begin to allow for new possibilities. 

The method gives us a new map for the body and ways of exploring.  We go beyond the common assumptions of our physicality and begin to remap a landscape that may have been prior to this mostly hearsay. 

Over time there is a transformation, a fruition of the work that leads progressively deeper into the body and how it filters our experience.  We learn to stand in our bones, move through our joints and direct with our minds an integrated and systemic intelligence that leads to ease, power and a comfortable physicality. 

The pursuit of harmony within is a fulcrum to move the world without.  It starts with recognizing the inherent polarity in all manifest form and learning to integrate the distinctions that exist between the poles.  Tai Chi is the physical embodiment of this truth and we pursue it in the  laboratory gifted to us - our physical being.  Harmony and integration within leads us to harmony and integration without, a constant game of pushing hands through the embrace of life. 

Pursued under proper guidance, Tai Chi leads us to a deep state of relaxed strength, internal calm and generous disposition it is a constant unfolding of self and world, gently guided by the hand of natural principle and universal mind.