In pursuit of Song

To be "song" is to be capacious,  deeply embodied and present. Unhindered, unfixed and absent the tension of excess effort. This quality of being and its pursuit form the heart of Tai Chi and internal martial arts.

It is a soft, supple agility,  that allows the liquidity that belies our form to express itself through the direction of mind. Deeply concentrated and relaxed, this state of being is mindful presence in balanced repose. Often described as the alert and elegant bearing we recognize in cats.

It is an endless journey that transforms us as we learn to align with the natural principles of harmony from which this condition springs.  The pursuit of song teaches us to listen, to go inward and recognize our habitual tensions that exhaust our energy and burden our minds.

In pursuing song we become collected and composed as we learn to releases deeper into this harmonious state of being. It becomes a constant practice and means of transformation, a journey into the self and all that lies within us through a constant pursuit of harmony.