I have been deeply engaged in this principle and understanding for a while now. Of course at varying levels, things of depth require percolation before they come clear. This has been percolating for some time with me. Sunyata is the buddhist concept of emptiness or the void.

This is often reacted to as if it were a negative idea or concept. It is not the case. The emptiness pointed at is not a negation of life, but rather an affirmation!

The contingency of phenomenea that leads to this truth is a reconcilling principle. Nothing exists of its own, all is held in context. All that rises falls and, all that falls is lifted up again. There is no thing in itself, only the phases of transmutaion that weave eternally through all things. This might sound daft, but it is true and any unsullied observation of nature or the day itself reveals this.

Death is the beginning and life is the end and the two necessetate eachother. So emptines is simply the recognition of the transitory nature of the world and all the phenomenea that constitute it. This is liberation, the freedom to watch the rising and falling without identifying with the thing in process which only exists in the moment of separation that allows for analysis and thus births the world of concept. We are not concept, we are the space before which concept appears. In other words, we are not the things we see in the world, we are the space into which come. We may get caught up in the contraction into the labels, but it will never be where we are.