Health is not a thing.

There is no static condition or state that we can call health. Health is a dynamic balance, a movement or process, just like life, just like us.

We are always in motion and as such, we are always either moving toward health, or away from it. We are either becoming more balanced, more aligned and more relaxed, or less so. So the question becomes, what are we doing to foster our health, how are we participating in the process that leads us into deeper awareness of our natural vitality and wisdom.

We would do well to not seek the certainty of a label given to us by the authority of another, but rather to more directly experience our own condition. When we learn to pay attention to our own bodies, how we are feeling, moving and thinking, we get in the drivers seat for affecting positive change and charting our own journey into health and healing. It is the process of developing self awareness that leads us into the potency of our own healing.