Closing Windows

I am always asked, ” what is Jin Shin Jyutsu? ”  “how does it work”. Perfectly reasonable questions, but not easy to answer. Jin shin Jyutsu is not a thing in itself, it cannot be perfectly described. It is a process, an energy, an understanding, an unfolding. Sounds a bit opaque, but it is this way.

One of the ways that I choose to describe it and what it does is through analogy. So in that vain, here it goes. Jin Shin Jyutsu is about optimization and so it can be likened to working on a computer with a lot of open windows that seems to be operating for no real reason. So slowly you close out these unneccessary windows and the system runs smoothly, it is faster, more efficient and not laboring under the burden of the open and unnecessary.  This is Jin Shin Jyutsu, closing all the open windows to the mind that are not serving the moment.