Relaxation is the gateway to all good things. There is no need to hold and harbor tension and stress in our body and being, it does us no good. In fact it drains us, depletes us and leaves us less effective in everything we do.

Relaxation is actively surrendering to the present moment. It is letting go and letting be. Ceasing all unnecessary activities and interpretations of the moment, simply being at ease.

Although it is simple, it is not easy.  If our body is habitually tense, we will have a poor definition of what it feels like to be relaxed. So the practice is to deepen our concept, to explore it, to understand that we may not know what it is or feels like to be truly relaxed.

What do we notice when we take a moment to orient, to feel and survey the state of our mind and body in this moment? Is there tension, discomfort, confusion, anxiety or is there space and ease?  What ever you find, just notice it, be with it, be curious and allow it, simply be the observer.

First we must notice our tension and stress and then we can go about the process of transforming it. So go ahead begin your practice in this moment. What do you notice? What would it be like to let it go? What would it feel like to be softer, lighter, more at ease?  Don’t know the answer, allow it to show up.