Pursuing Harmony

Movement & Martial Arts Coaching


12 Rivers Internal arts offers personal coaching in movement, martial art, meditation and self care skills.  Derek has spent 30 years studying and integrating various traditions of classical physical education, mindfulness and healing. What he teaches is a distillation that gives you the best methods to move your body, harmonize your energy and quiet your mind. 



"Gravity is the root of lightness, stillness is the ruler of motion."


"Be still as a mountain, flow like a great river."


"Be the knowing."


12 Rivers - Stillness
12 Rivers - Movement
12 Rivers - Mindfulness
I am a Naturopathic Physician who has avidly pursued conscious movement for 20 plus years. I feel I have some competency in the art. Derek is a thousand times more accomplished than I am. I delight in watching him move. I have watched him push hands with several serious students of martial arts and they are helpless. I am spellbound listening to him explain the philosophy and principles of his art. Derek is masterful. If you sincerely want to transform your life through movement, I know of no better.
— Dr. Charly Cropley - www.charleycropley.com


For thousands of years, the Chinese culture and martial arts have sought to achieve balance and oneness amidst the duality of daily life. These traditions of internal martial and healing practices offers generation's worth of enlightenment teachings passed down in direct succession from teacher to student. 

Depth of skill must be cultivated over time. If we have no study or practice how can we go deep? The practice of internal martial arts have provided the means for cultivating such excellence and skill for centuries. If we are sincere in our efforts and informed in our practice, we will be changed by it.  Transformed by our work, we embody the lessons and become the fruit of our practice. 

Internal Martial Arts

Internal Martial Arts  are arts of movement and meditation with rich benefits in self-defense. It offers practitioners an avenue to achieve great self-understanding, calm, and physical well-being.

Energetic Bodywork

Energetic bodywork promotes harmony and balance in the body. By clearing the meridians and using supportive mudras we help promote optimal organ function, alleviate strain, and release mental and physical tension.

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